Executive Mentors 2007


Relationships matter. That's why a major emphasis of the program is on introducing the Richter Scholars to both the established leaders in the field and to the up-and-coming future leaders. There are two mentorship programs, Executive and Junior, along with a very special networking opportunity. 

Tony Milikin, SVP and CPO, Mead WestVaco with Julianna Beall
Clive Heal, Business Process Owner & Head of GMP Procurement, Genetech with Leslie Hubbard
Greg Shoemaker, VP-Procurement, Hewlett Packard with Lindsey Rollins
Tony Milando, Black and Decker with Mike Ferarra
Shelley Stewart Jr, SVP and CPO, Tyco with Narissa Lee
Anthony Nieves, SVP, Hilton World Wide with Paul Boyer
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